The Year Was 2014…

Typically, resolutions are a sentence: I will work out more; I will watch less tv; I will clip my fingernails and eat more pie; etc. Maybe those sentences are helpful for some people. Or maybe a resolution is an excuse to make promises you don’t have to keep. My new theory is that for a resolution to work, it can’t be a sentence. It has to be a fire under your rump. It’s gotta burn, baby. If you don’t fulfill your promises, you’ll feel it…bad. 


I’ve been a recluse the past 12 months. There are no excuses, really. I’m sorry. Chances are: I wanted to see you but some kind of laziness got in my way. This is the trouble with complacency, I guess.

This year I’m going to try something new.

What you are reading here, obviously, is a blog. I’ve never been a fan of them. In my experience, they are self-centered, boring, insignificant, and yadda yadda yadda. And quite frankly, the thought of having one seemed embarrassing. So why is this happening? It feels necessary. I can be determined, but default to lazy. I can be creative, but unfortunately, I tend towards complacent. So I need a resolution and I need a fire. Get ready, it’s a 3-Part-er.


Part 1.
I live in the woods and would watch movies in my cabin all day if nobody stopped me. However, I want to stop me. ‘Cause I want to do things with my time; real things. My goal here is to share my activities with the inter-verse, which means, I need to build/create/explore by necessity. And if I don’t, I will feel a (perhaps false) sense of embarrassing failure to said inter-verse. Hey, I never claimed to be strong-willed.

Part 2.
My link with the outside world has been totally broken since I moved out here. Being an hour and a half from the city means no one is hanging out. I want to stay connected with friends and family even though I’m not around, so maybe this could be a good way to remind you all that I exist and that I’m doing stuff you might want to talk about. (See what I mean about the self-centeredness?)

Part 3.
As an entrepreneur, I have (essentially) no income. As a person naturally hateful of authority figures, I don’t have traditional money-making options. This year I am trying to diversify my income. I have a lot of interests and hobbies, and if I’m lucky I can live off my curiosities. (I get the feeling luck doesn’t have much to do with it though.)

SO, you are probably wondering, why should I care?

The answer: I have no idea. You probably shouldn’t care right now. I haven’t done much to speak of yet. But I guess that’s the goal: I want to live a life worth writing about.

~ ~ ~

Not very inspirational after all. But if you’re curious, stay tuned. My goal is to update 3-4 times a week– we’ll see what happens ;P

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